Best Guide to Empty Your RV Tank Without Paying Any Service Fee!

The most feared task in every residential place is, emptying gray and black waste tanks. In some RVs, the gray and black waste tanks are combined into one combination tank, while there are two separate tanks in other RVs. The great waste in the grey tank would be from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower drain, whereas; the waste in a black tank would be the toilet waste.
In combination, a tank is used in most RVs where both gray and black water dump into one tank and discharge together. There’s another type of RV, also known as “the Fifth Wheels” this might have two gray tanks; one on front and other in the rear. So is the black tank
It has been often seen that van lifers are now building their RVs, while many use composting toilets and direct drains outside without holding tanks. Thus, regardless of having any RV type, one always needs to empty the waste.
If you’re keen to get any reputable name for “RV pumping service near me,” then what if I share a stepwise DIY guide with you to empty your RV tank without spending any service fee? Yes, read the following steps, and try doing it; indeed, you’ll end up doing a better job.

Required Steps to Empty your Waste

When it comes to emptying the waste removal in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere else in the world, you’ll need to empty it into a proper dump station. Usually, people go to a campground for using their pumps stations, but since you’re doing it at home, and if you have a sewer line going right from the house to the street, there would be a cleanout at the house, and there’s clean out by the street.
Dug up your grass a little bit; you’ll find a cap about eight inches below grade. Clean it out and add a four-inch sleeve on top of it; open the lid with the help of screws. This will allow you to slip your waste hose right into the hole and discharge the waste. Mark your utilities so you can quickly locate your sewer line.
Now, put on the vinyl gloves for your hand’s safety. Next, hook up a wait hose that you have an elbow to let you see the waist as it passes through. Remove the cap of cleanout. Make sure it has a secure fitting, so when the waste discharge, and big rush comes through, the inserted elbow won’t pop up and discharge waste all over the ground – this can be very embarrassing though.
Pick up a rubber donut specifically designed to slip over the elbow on the waist hose, yet allow you to wedge it in, and then slip the elbow right into it. Time to grab a waste hose storage tube right underneath the RV van (many RVs have a storage compartment for it, or it can also slide into a back bumper
Regardless you want to make sure it’s stored separately from the rest of your items in your trailer. If you don’t have this option, then put it in a large plastic bag. Anyways, let’s snap on the end right to the elbow first and fix it tightly.
Come to waist gate and discharge. Take the cap off very slightly and allow any residual to drip right into the waste hose. I know you won’t like to drip it all over the ground, so you’ll snap it very tightly. Make sure everything is secure, and a tube is right down to the dump station.
Empty the black tank waste first; that would reduce your toilet weight. Okay, pull the waste gate straight out; this will discharge the waste right into the waste hose. You can see it through the elbow – not directly, but yes can figure the speed of flow through the voice discharging waste.
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If you don’t see any waste coming through, let that drain completely; open/close the waste tape a couple of times if any debris or gas is stuck in the waste gate. Then go to gray waste, which will be your sink and soapy shower water. This will clean out your waste hose.
Some RV’s also have a black tank flush, like a showerhead inside the black tank. Hook up the garden hose after you empty the waste. Leave the waste gate open, and it’ll spray down the walls of the tank to get any residual waste out.
This was the DIY guide I shared for your convenience to empty the waste removal if it gets over flooded. But for detailed and reasonable service, contact Marine And RV Pumping to Go, the best and the most reliable solution to waste removal in Fort Lauderdale.

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